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Having the strength to propel the ball a long way during the golf swing is one thing, but having the flexibility go along with that, to actually use those muscles effectively is another. Now, one area of the body which people often do get a little a bit stiff with without often even knowing about it are the shoulders, the deltoids and the front of the arm. Now to really stretch those out before you play and during your exercise routine, very simple way you do this. Keeping the arm nice and straight in front of you that was the alternate arms between this.

But keeping your arm nice and straight out in front of you, getting the opposite hand on the outside of the wrist, drawing the arm, keeping it straight and really pulling it with the other arm across the front of the shoulder – across the front of the chest. Now, what you will feel is a stretch along the side of the shoulder and just the front of the top of the shoulder as well. And you hold it there for a few moments, try to breath as normal and then bring it back around, swapping arms and doing it the other side as well. If you can keep these stretches going, just do a number before you play remembering exercise routine, you should be out to keep the shoulders nice and flexible, nice and simple and it should be ready for when you start to swing.