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Now getting yourself fully flexible and fully ready to perform on the golf course is absolutely essential if you want to play your best golf. And there are a number of exercises you can do just before you got out and play which will really get your body engaged and really get your body ready for what is about to happen. Now this stretch can be done just at the side of the actual green, it can be done using a bogey, it can be done using a bench; it can be done using anything which is handy just to the side of the hall. Now very,, very simple; all you need to be doing is on the bogey or on the bench, clipping one of your legs just onto the side; if I'm squatting my right leg here and you're actually seeing my leg is at this right angle.

Now I'm going not balance on my left leg and I'm going to stretch the right leg down; so it engages my quads and it engages the front of my leg. Now just to add on a little bit more actual golfing kind of stretching to this if you wish to, you can get your arms across your chest, turn it back into a rotated position and then turn it through into a rotated position as well. And this actually puts a little bit of stretch on to your left, at your backside in your left hamstring as well. So it engages the quad and then you can engage your core and then your left leg all at the same time just using one simple stretch; and that can be done obviously on both legs just before you go and play on anything you can hook you leg onto.