Putting Tips
In this section you will find the best putting tips to help improve your golf game. No matter how far you hit your driver, how accurately you play iron shots, or how deftly you chip and pitch, golf is all about getting the ball in the hole. That means the shortest club in the bag – the putter, standard length 35” – plays an oversized role in determining your success.

Statistics bear this out. Most golfers, including pros, use the putter for about 40% of all shots in a typical round. No other club comes close. If your average score is 90, you’ll take about 36 putts per 18 holes. For pros, the figures are closer to 70 and 28.

Is the stat misleading? A little, since it counts tap-ins that require practically no skill to make. But the fact remains – if you want to shave strokes from your score, the green is the first place to go. Golf-Info-Guide.com’s Putting Tips, composed by experts and offered in text and video formats, cover every aspect of this delicate art-slash-science.

Fundamental putting tips are treated with exacting detail: developing a proper grip; aligning your body, eyes and clubface; accelerating the putter through impact.

We offer putting tips lessons on finer points, like reading the green’s break and putting on bumpy surfaces, and discuss alternatives to conventional putting methods (e.g., using a “no-peek” stroke or cross-handed grip). Having the right equipment is critical, too, and you’ll find advice on everything from belly and long putters to heavy clubheads to extra-thick grips.

Of course, we also tackle the most common putting ailments, like deceleration, excessive wrist action and the dreaded “yips.” Finally, you’ll find numerous drills designed to improve your stroke path, tempo and more.

Until you’re holing every putt inside 10 feet, lagging every long one close and going months without a three-putt, there are always strokes to be gained on the greens. The shortest distance between you and lower scores is 35” – and help is just a mouse click away at Golf-Info-Guide.com.

1.3 Ways To Best Take The Wrists Out Of The Putting Stroke, Golf Tip
2.A Couple of Helpfull Putting Points
3.A Simple Process Reading Greens
4.Arc Putting Stroke
5.Arc Putting Stroke May Be Your Natural Motion
6.Assigning Blame for Missed Putts
7.Back to Golf Basics When Putting Issues Pop Up
8.Ball Against Collar: Putt with the Toe, Golf Tip
9.Ball Against the Collar: Three Tricks to Try, Golf Tip
10.Belly Putter Can Make Good Training Aid
11.Benefits To Having Fat Or Thinner Grips For Clubs And Putters
12.Best 5 Tips for Better Putting
13.Blade vs Mallet Putter Heads
14.Break Long Putts Into Segments for Best Results
15.Breaking Putts, Master with this Basic Golf Drill
16.Can the Claw Grip Help My Putting?
17.Causes and Cures: Chronically Leaving Putts Short
18.Causes and Cures: Pulling Your Putts Golf Tip
19.Cross Handed Putting Grip, How It Can Improve Your Stroke
20.Cure the “Yips” with This Simple, Golf Drill
21.Decelerating Stroke Causes Many Putting ills
22.Deceleration: Deadly During the Putting Stroke
23.Dial in the Day’s Putting Stroke on Practice Green
24.Different Golf Grip Styles For Putting
25.Face Balanced Putters, The Benefits
26.Fast Greens, Make More Short Putts
27.Finding a Putter that Works for You
28.Firm Left Wrist Key to Solid Putting Stroke
29.Fix Your Golf Three-Putt Problem By Improving Speed
30.Flat Palms Key to Proper Putting Grip
31.Golf Causes and Cures: Pushing Your Putts
32.Golf Putting Thoughts: The All-Time Top 5
33.Golf Putting, Best Technique To Improve
34.Golf Putting, How To Create A Smoother Roll
35.Grip is Key to Straight-Back-Straight-Through Putting Stroke
36.Heavy Putter Head Can Smooth Out Your Stroke
37.Help To Grip The Golf Putter Correctly
38.Help With Golf Putter Alignment
39.Help With Speed Control For Golf Putting
40.Hitting the Sweet Spot Crucial to Good Putting
41.Hold the Finish to Improve Your Putting
42.How and Why: Get Your Putts to Roll Head Over Heels
43.How to Aim Your Putter
44.How to Improve Your Putting Stroke
45.How to Master the No-Peek Putting Stroke
46.How to Play Double-Breaking Putts
47.How to Plumb-Bob A Putt
48.How To Putt Better Under Pressure
49.How to Putt Big Breakers
50.How to Putt from Long Distance
51.How to Putt Two-Tiered Greens
52.How To Putt, Align Eyes Over the Golf Ball to Straighten Out Your Putt
53.How To Putt, Keep Putter Head Low to Roll Pure Putts
54.How to Select a Putting Style
55.How To Use A Pendulum Plump-Bob Method For Lining Up Putts, Golf Tip
56.How to Use Long Putters
57.Insert Putter, Enhance Your Feel
58.Long Golf Putters
59.Long Putts, Open Stance To Help Free Wrists
60.Make More Putts by Following Line with Your Eyes
61.Make More Putts With the Gate Drill
62.Make The Come Back Putt
63.Make Your Putts Roll, Not Bounce
64.Master Fast Golf Greens with Minor Adjustments
65.Mid Length Belly Putters Help Steady Your Stroke
66.Off-the-Green Putting Basics, Golf Tip
67.One-Arm Drill Will Smooth Out Your Putting Stroke
68.Part 1 Golf Putter: Grip
69.Part 2 Golf Putter: Setup
70.Part 3 Golf Putter: Alignment
71.Part 4 Golf Putter: Backstroke
72.Part 5 Golf Putter: Forward Stroke
73.Part 6 Golf Putter: Impact
74.Part 7 Golf Putter: Follow Through to the Finish
75.Pendulum Putting Stroke, Benefits
76.Pendulum Putting Stroke, Grip End Points at Belly Button
77.Play to High Spot on Big-Breaking Putts
78.Practice Distance Control for Better Putting
79.Practice Putting with Eyes Closed
80.Practice Putting with Just One Ball
81.Practice Putting with Weaker Hand
82.Pre-Putt Routine Can Aid Consistency
83.Putter Grip’s Shape, Size Can Influence Results
84.Putting Cure: New Yips Fix
85.Putting Fix, Hold Back Wrist Bend
86.Putting in the Wind, Part I: Widen Stance, Shorten Stroke
87.Putting in the Wind, Part II: Make Adjustments for Speed, Line
88.Putting Stroke Mechanics, for a Conventional Motion
89.Putting Stroke Tips
90.Putting Stroke, A Long Swing or a Short Pop?
91.Putting Tempo Drill Ingrains Fluid Stroke
92.Putting-Style Chip Comes in Handy on Fast Greens
93.Read Greens With the Eyes of a Pro, Golf Tip
94.Release Drill will Get Your Putts Rolling on Line
95.Ryder Cup: The Need To Putt Under Pressure
96.Short Putts, Limit Focus Helps
97.Short Putts, Take the Panic Out
98.Should Putts Die In the Hole, Or Ram Into the Back?
99.Should You Lag Long Putts, or Try to Make Them?
100.Should You Try the Belly Putter?
101.Side-Saddle Putting and Putters
102.Snag Less Hybrid Putter
103.Solid Short Putting Improves Your Whole Game
104.Start Holing More Golf Putts Now
105.Stockton’s Putting Routine Aims to Instill Confidence
106.Stop Leaving Comeback Putts Short
107.Straight Back Straight Through Putting, Stroke
108.Strike Ball Firmly when Putting Against Grain
109.Stroke it Like Stricker: Grip Putter with Un-cocked/Un-hinged Left Wr
110.Stroke it Straight to Make Left-to-Right Putts
111.The Best Drill to Sink More Short Putts
112.The No-Look Long Putts Drill
113.Tips for Putting Bumpy Greens
114.Top 10 Putting Tip Videos
115.Top 10 Putting Tips Ever!
116.Top 10 Putting Videos
117.Top 3 Tips on Putting Stroke Mechanics
118.Top 3 Ways to Cure the Putting Yips
119.Top 3 Ways to Use Your Putter from Off the Green
120.Top 4 Putting Tips For Distance Control
121.Top 4 Tips On Cross Handed Putting Style
122.Top 4 Tips on Pulled Putts
123.Top 4 Tips on Pushing Putts
124.Top 5 Tips for Long-Putting Rhythm
125.Top Putting Tips
126.Try Arnie’s Locked-Knees Method For Stable Putting
127.Try the Saw Grip to Cure Putting Woes
128.Use Arms and Shoulders for Consistent Putting
129.Use Same Stroke for Long Putts as Short Ones
130.Use Tee Drill for Square Impact with Putter
131.Use Your Putter For These Greenside Situations
132.What Is A Reverse Putting Grip, Golf Tip
133.When and How to Play the Texas Wedge, Golf Tip
134.When It Comes to Putting, The Eyes Have It.
135.When to Putt From A Greenside Bunker
136.Wristy Putting Stroke Cause And Cure, Golf Tip