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Video Transcript

One of the key areas that you need to activate within your body and get flexible before you go play are your hip muscles. Now there’s quite a few different stretches that you can use to activate this hips but this is more of a dynamic movement that you can use. The hips are so important because they really do add the control and the power into the turn as you come through the ball. Now this stretch like I said is quite fluid motion it does requires some balance but it’s pretty easy to actually follow. Start off with a feet above shoulder width apart, spine angle nice and straight so you stood up nice and tall, now from here, you just want a bit of bounce in the legs, bounce in the feet bringing the right leg up towards the right, the left hand side here, so it’s almost across the body and then moving it around before planting it back down to the right hand side. Now what this does is it takes the hips through a range of motion really freeing it up and also stretching the groin as well. So active with the feet, up, around and then down, and obviously the same on the other foot, active, then up, down and around and if you want to kind of repeat this maybe 10 times on each side or so, just to actually move that through and then down, move that through, and then down you can do this before you go play or you can build this into an exercise routine and if you can do that, the flexibility will improve and hopefully the power of your swing will improve as well.