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Flexibility plays a fantastically important role within the golfing technique, because to actually hit the technical positions you want to, you’re going to need the flexibility to get into those technical positions as well. There’s no point just pushing yourself and your body into these positions if you don’t have the range of motions to match. Now, lower half strength and lower half flexibility is incredibly important and this reverse quad stretch is a fantastic way to stretch out the front of the all you need to be doing is with a golf club to maintain your balance rather than actually just pulling the ankle back and then stretching the quad this way, what you want to be doing is grabbing the ankle, the right ankle with the left hand maintaining the balance with the club and then pawing upwards towards the left bone cheek in that manner there. So opposite sides down with the left hand, right hand around the ankle, straightening the right leg and then pulling up the left leg towards the backside here as well. Now this really starts to stretch out the front of the quad which would really add to balance and power when you get out onto the course. Now, you can use this before you play or you can use this as part of a more extended practice routine, but it will really allow you to have that flexibility in the lower half. So give that a go, like I said in a routine before you play and hopefully you’ll find a little bit more flexibility in your thighs.