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A key part of lower half flexibility is having hamstring ability. Now many golfers and many people generally struggle with hamstring flexibility and stiffness. Now these leads to problems, not only in the lower half, but also spreading into the glute and the lower back as well, so having flexibility within the hamstring is extremely important. Now there is quite a few stretches you can actually use also listed on this website, but the exercise I want to kind of explain now, it’s something you can use before you go out and play or something you can use as part of the larger exercise routine. Now it involves hooking onto the toe when sat down, left leg drawn upwards, so its on the inside of the right thigh and actually reaching down towards the toe, hooking down and really starting to stretch the hamstring here. Now many people when they actually do this stretch won’t be able to reach their toe because if the time is there they’ll probably be able to get through about here not quite able to reach with quite a lot of strain on the back of the toe.

Now a great way to do this before you go out is just with a club, hook down just onto the top of the toe, gripping down halfway down the shaft and actually leaning forwards and pulling the toe towards you. Now this effectively starts to wear the hamstring, starts to do the stretch without the added actual suffering and pain many people feel actually starting to grab hold of the toe. If you do have to range your motion twice, you grab hold of that toe and fantastic [Inaudible] [0:01:41] but if you don’t quite have the range of motion use a club, pull that toe towards you and it’s going to do the same job. But if not, if you don’t need to use it onto the toe, leaning forwards, feeling the stretch along the back of the leg, obviously switch over and do it to the opposite leg as well. Now time that you do that stretch probably no more than 15-20 seconds because you don’t want to be holding in a static position for a long, long time. But give it a go, go as far as you can, use a club if you need to and try and incorporate this into your golfing routine.