Golf Shots In order to make a good golf swing, you must set up properly to the ball. Every great golfer has sound fundamentals. 

Before you can make a good golf swing, you must set up properly to the ball. It’s as simple as that.

Every great golfer has sound fundamentals, though they don’t always look the same. That’s golf for you – what’s right for one player may not work for another. A person’s body type, strength, flexibility and other factors influence how he holds the club and addresses the ball.

Still, the fundamentals don’t vary much from one golfer to the next for golf shots. The important basics to master include gripping the club; choosing a target and aligning your club and body; the width and balance of your stance; your posture; where to position the ball in relation to your feet; and how high to tee the ball for golf shots. covers all these topics with a bevy of tips, drills and lessons. Our section on Setting Up Your Golf Shots, features text and video tutorials tailored to a range of golfers – beginner to intermediate to low-handicapper.

Sort through the list at left and you’ll find a wealth of useful info. We’ll teach you to correctly position the ball with each club in the bag; aim the clubface directly at your target every time; align your feet, hips and shoulders to match your shot; employ a grip style that’s both comfortable and effective; and assume perfect posture and maintain it throughout the swing.

Already know the basics, backward and forward? We’ve got advanced tips for varying your shot trajectory by changing ball position; tweaking your setup for a fuller backswing; aligning correctly when playing from uneven lies; even playing the “stinger” golf shots used by the pros.

No matter how long you’ve been playing golf, how well-versed you are in swing mechanics or how confident you may be that your setup is solid, it’s still important to check your fundamentals often. The pros do it every time they step onto the driving range or practice green. Visit this page often – it’s updated frequently with fresh content. You’re sure to find a tip to improve your grip, stance, aim or posture. And your scores.

1.Address the Golf Ball at the Perfect Distance
2.Adjust Club Choice When Playing from Sidehill Lies, Golf Tip
3.Adjust Your Body When Chipping from Sidehill Lies, Golf Tip
4.Aim For Middle Of the Green to Lower Your Scores, Golf Tip
5.Align Slightly Right for Better Backswing Turn – Golf Tip
6.Athletic Golf Swing Begins With Setup
7.Body Alignment… Before Every Golf Shot
8.Chase Club Down the Line to Fire Right Side – Golf Tip
9.Check Your Distance from the Golf Ball at Setup
10.Chipping to a Two-Tiered Green, Golf Tip
11.Choke Up on the Club for Better Accuracy and Contact, Golf Tip
12.Commit to the Shot When Playing It Safe, Golf Swing Tip
13.Control Trajectory by Varying Golf Ball Position
14.Correct Golf Ball Position
15.Correct Grip Pressure for More Distance, Golf Swing Tip
16.Correctly Aiming Your Golf Club
17.Dealing With “Misaligned” Tee Boxes, Golf Tip
18.Eyes on the Back of the Ball for Solid Contact, Golf Swing Tip
19.Feet Alignment In Golf, Set Up to a Full Finish
20.Feet Position In Golf, Golf Back Foot
21.Feet Together Drill
22.Fix Your Golf Slice Shot With A Stronger Grip
23.Golf Arm, Proper Setup Alignment
24.Golf Foot, Front
25.Golf Grip: What is the Trigger Finger?
26.Golf Posture, for Good Golf
27.Golf Stance Feet, Set Up Position
28.Golf Tip on Proper Hip Alignment
29.Golf Tip on Proper Shoulder Alignment
30.Golf Tip: Lay Your Head On the Pillow
31.Golf Tip: Use Intermediate Spot For Better Alignment
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35.Hit Over Hazards to Set Up Shorter Approach Shots, Golf Swing Tip
36.Hitting Over Water? No Worries, Golf Swing Tip
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38.Hold Clubface Open to Make Pitch Shots Check, Golf Tip
39.How And Why You Should Soften Your Left Arm At Address, Golf Tip
40.How and Why: Hit the Inside of the Golf Ball
41.How and Why: Keep Your Grip Pressure Constant, Golf Tip
42.How do You Aim Your Club? Golf Tip
43.How Do You Aim Your Golf Club?
44.How Far Up Should We Grip The Golf Club? Golf Tip
45.How Firmly Should You Hold A Golf Club? Golf Tip
46.How Much Should Your Knees Bend in Setup, Swing? Golf Swing Tip
47.How the Run-Up Shot Can Help You Hit More Greens, Golf Tip
48.How to Hit A Golf Ball That’s Above Your Feet
49.How to Hit A Golf Ball That’s Below Your Feet
50.How to Hit Consistent Golf Shots
51.Improve your Posture with Simple Setup Method, Golf Tip
52.Learn Your Golf Club Yardages to Improve Consistency
53.Let Right Arm Bend at Setup to Improve Backswing Rotation, Golf Swing
54.Path of Least Resistance Leads to Lower Golf Scores
55.Position Your Back Foot for Better Golf Shots
56.Practice with Wide Stance for Short, Powerful Backswing
57.Pre-Swing Shot Waggle Serves Several Purposes – Golf Tip
58.Proper Golf Ball Position Can Cure Swing Ills
59.Proper Golf Chipping Setup
60.Relax the Arms to Maximize Distance, Golf Tip
61.Shorter Golfers: Use Leverage to Your Advantage, Golf Swing Tip
62.Should You Always Tee the Ball on a Par 3? Golf Tip
63.Should You Bend from the Waist, or the Hips? Golf Tip
64.Should You Try the Baseball Grip? Golf Swing Tip
65.Should Your Ball Position Change with Different Clubs? Golf Tip
66.Stand Closer to the Golf Ball for Higher Drives
67.Stand Farther from the Golf Ball to Keep Drives Low
68.String Together Good Shots on the Golf Course
69.Tee the Ball Lower for Par-3 Success, Golf Tip
70.The Basics of Proper Spine Angle, Golf Tip
71.The Better Way To Grip Your Golf Club to Improved Accuracy
72.The Confidence Factor, Golf Tip
73.The Stinger Golf Shot for Everyday Golfers
74.Tips for Handling Downhill Golf Lies
75.Tips For Handling Uphill Golf Lies
76.Tips For Tackling Blind Golf Shots
77.Tips on How to Tee-Up, Golf Tip
78.Too Strong A Golf Grip Causes What? Golf Tip
79.Too Weak A Golf Grip Causes What? Golf Tip
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84.Top 3 Tips on Proper Use of Elbows in Golf
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86.Top 4 Tips On Ball Position Woods, Irons/Hybrids and Putter
87.Top 4 Tips on Best Way to Aim at Your Target
88.Top 4 Tips On Irons and Hybrids Shaft Angle
89.Use a Strong Grip for a Powerful Release, Golf Tip
90.Vary Your Grip to Master Specialty Golf Shots
91.Weaken Grip to Master Soft Lob Shot, Golf Tip
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