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Building power from the ground upwards when hitting golf shots is absolutely key to generating the maximum amount of club head speed you can. Now, your calves and your quads are a key area of this power building process and to have flexible quads, to have flexible thigh muscles is going to be very, very important to rely to hit that ball a long, a long way. Now, a very simple way to actually stretch out the quad muscles and to stretch out the thigh muscles, just taking a golf club in one hand – I'm going to start with a left hand here. Resting only for balance, drawing the right leg up, the knee flexed so the actual right here, this on the right bone cheek here and then pulling it backwards.

Trying to maintain the balance using the golf club and really trying to stretch out the front of this leg muscle. Holding for the moment really kind of breathing as normal, try not to hold your breath, relaxing and then swapping around the actual arm and around the club and around the legs as well. Now, if you can start to wear this into your gold routine and your flexibility program, you're going to be able to stretch out the quads, stretch out the front of the legs so when you need them to be engaged within the golf swing, they're ready to perform.