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Before you go and play, getting your body physically ready to perform the tasks that you're put you through when swinging and when going around the golf course is incredibly important. If you are not physically ready, if you're not physically correct before you go out and play, the chances of you hitting good shots especially in the first eight or nine holes or so when you're getting loosened up are greatly reduced. So there are a number of exercises you can do before you go play to actually feel yourself getting looser and to allow you to perform the technique a lot, lot better. Now this particular stretch can really help stretch out the back, the sides; it's a very good stretch for working multiple parts of the body. Now all you need to do is find somewhere to sit down on the side of a bench, on the side of a bogey, just where you got a little bit of room to operate. Now all it involves, is you are sitting down, crossing over the legs so this time I'm going to cross my left leg over my right; like this.

So it's almost like you're in a relaxed sat down position; but then reaching over with the opposite hands, so my left leg goes over my right, my right hand reaches over and starts to pull a little bit on the right knee here, so it's kind of pulling it over and across the right-hand side. Now from there, turn the body over the left-hand side whilst it's actually pulling the knee to the right. Now what this will do, it will engage the back; it will stretch out pretty much all the back muscles and get them loose and get them ready to perform their task of swinging the golf club. So left leg over right; pulling back really stretching out the muscles, holding it for a moment trying to breathe as normal and swapping over; so right leg over the left, left hand on top of the right leg, pull and then turn over to the right side. So this is a great way of stretching out all the back muscles and getting them ready to perform the tasks that you are about to put them through.