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Video Transcript

Effectively engaging the hips and the lower half when exercising and actively strengthening these areas, when you come to hit a golf shot, you will find a lot more power, a lot more flexibility and a lot more balance, in the offing if you have had the chance to work on the particular areas of the swing. Now what I’m going to do here with the medicine ball is a single leg hip bridge. Now this really engages so many of the muscles that you need to hit successful golf shots. You’re going to need a medicine ball, a little more room to spread out. It involves you lying down on your back, nice and flat and alternating between the legs. Now I’m going to get my right leg raised into the air here and keep my left leg down. I’m going to press the medicine ball over my head for stability, and to really stretch out my arms, extend the right leg up, and then I’m going to push the hips upwards towards the sky.

So from this position here, moving up, holding it for a moment and you can really feel the lower half, the back side, the hips, the lower back working very hard to keep me in this position. Bringing it back down, switching over the legs, left leg up, right knee down, extending outwards, holding for a moment and then relaxing back down. Now obviously switch legs in between, when you do these exercises, you don’t just want to be focusing on one side, because that will build in instabilities and strength between the right and the left side. But this exercise will engage all the muscles around the hip and the backside area, that you need to put a lot more power into your golf shots.