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Before you got out to play, getting you body physically ready to perform the tasks at hand is incredibly important. And there are a number of exercises, there are a number of drills you can do which are exceptionally golf-specific. Now this drill will specifically stretch out the arms, stretch out the back of the arm and actually get you ready for when you're coming into impact and striking the ball. Very simple to do; it's all about getting yourself in a golf posture position so just as though you're about to hit the shot letting your left arm be stretched out in front of you and then holding it against the chest like this. Now if you keep your left arm nice and straight you'll feel the stretch all along the back of the arm here. Now this in itself isn’t a good stretch but what I want you guys to do is actually begin to turn through as you would a full shot. So get the hips moving left, get the body turning but all at the time stretching out the arm, keeping it straight really pulling back with the right arm as well.

So turning through, keeping it straight, stretching it out all the way up until this impact point where that arm would begin to release and straighten out even further. So left arm straight, across, stretch, turn back and then turn through as you would a normal swing all the time stretching back. Now just for the sake of balance so the body isn’t working out of synch with each other, do the same with the right arm. Even if you're not a left-handed golfer and you're not swinging in that direction, do it on both sides; because you don't want one side of your body to be more flexible than the other. But that's a great thing that you can move into your golfing technique, a great thing you can move into your overall exercising routing to help get you ready and get you stretched out when you go and play.