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To have a full range of motion in the golf swing, flexibility is key and one of the areas that does get overlooked when people go through flexibility routines and exercises are the shoulders. Now, the shoulders play a key part in delivering power and stability at impact and there's a great way you can really stretch them out and extend their range of motion. Now, you can do this stretch using a towel or if you want to a golf club as well. Now, very simply right arm holding the golf club down the back, gripping onto the grip with the left hand then it's the left hand and the left arm that we're stretching out here. And then very slowly starting to pull upwards with the right hand until the right arm is starting to extend.

Now, what you will actually feel is a stretch in the outer side of the shoulder, the outer side of the arm here. Now you can hold this and you can stretch this until it feels comfortable, holding it for a few seconds, trying to breath as normal. Don’t hold your breath while you're doing this and just trying to keep your back and your posture nice and straight and extended. And then relax down and then you can swap arms and repeat so you get that flexibility across both shoulders and not just one, but it's going to be key if you want that full range of motion to deliver power into the golf shot.