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Before you go out and play, there are exercises and there are stretches that you can do to prepare your body for what is about to come. When you actually get out to the golf course you're going to be engaged with actually swinging the golf club but also walking, movement, all your major muscles groups will be involved, and you need to get them ready before you got out and play. Now what you can do is just get to the golf club a little bit beforehand, before you tee off and actually do some exercises which will really stretch out different parts of the body. Now this stretch will specifically stretch out your back and your shoulders and really get those parts of the body ready for actually swinging the club. All you need to do is find a bench or a chair or the side of a bogey that you're using to actually help stretch out these muscles.

It's very, very simple; you're just adding in a little bit of flex to knees, almost into like a bit of a golf posture getting your hands stretched out, your arms stretched out on the side of bench, on the side of the bogey giving yourself that little bit of room and then just allowing yourself to ease down into the gap created by actual arms. So you want to be keeping the back as straight as you can and actually easing the head down into this gap between your arms and this is going to stretch all along the top of the arms, all along the top of the shoulders and all of the upper back as well. You're going to hold this for just a few moments and then bring yourself back up and relax and then just repeat it a few times; and it's really going to start to loosen up these key areas of the body which are used for stabilization but also adding power into the golf swing.