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Stretching out your core muscles before you go out to play is incredibly important as the stomach, the lower back, the top of the legs, the gluts; all these muscles are going to be working together to try and get that ball out there a long distance. Now fortunately, the golf swing is almost a natural stretch of these core muscles, but there's a way to actually kind of condense that and engage that before you go play so you can mimic the action and stretch out these muscles all as one unit. It's a very, very simple thing to do before you got out and play. All you need to be doing is getting into a golf posture position, flex in these back nice and straight just as you want to actually hit a shot. Get the arms across the chest in this manner here.

Now what I want you to do is really feel like the lower half, the knees aren't moving. And from there, turn the shoulders back; stretching out the muscles here you'll feel it in your back, you'll feel it in your legs, you'll feel it all along the muscles that you need to feel that you're stretching out. So into the golf posture; arms across the chest and crossed, turning it back, holding it on top of your backswing for just a moment and then again moving through in this manner here. Now if you can do lots of these stretches before you go play, you're effectively having lots of different isolated practice swings. And that's what you need to do before you go out; you need to engage the muscles that matter. And when those muscles that matter are engaged, you're going to be hitting much better golf shots.