So many times I hear in the lessons that I'm giving on a daily basis that people are really happy with the way they’re hitting their irons, really happy with the way they’re hitting their hybrid clubs but as the club gets longer, much more towards the driver, they really start to struggle. They feel the driver is too long, too cumbersome, it looks too awkward, looks to difficult and they don’t hit the ball very well. Well how about this, how about we take the hybrid club that you’re quite comfortable with, you’re quite happy hitting and we just make it into a driver, we make the shaft a little bit longer, we make the head a little bit bigger and that’s exactly what Thomas Golf have done with their new range of hybrid minidrivers.

This is the AT 705 which is a classical looking pear shaped hybrid golf club. In fact I've got their three Hybrid golf club right here for comparison. And if we look the way they’ve expanded their technology into the driver, you can see that, yes its slightly longer, yes the club head is slightly bigger and has less loft, this one has seven and half -- sorry 10 ½ degrees of loft on the driver head there. But basically it’s taking the thing that works so nicely for you with the hybrid golf club, the weight is low and deep, it hits the ball nice and high in the air. The club head doesn’t look to cumbersome and they've just extend it outwards into a driver. So if I go ahead and set up, I’ll show you how I’d like you to set up with your Thomas Golf hybrid driver as well.

You take the ball so it sits just slightly back from a normal driver position, just an inch behind its normal driver position, so maybe setting up a bit like a three wood. You play the ball on a tee peg that's slightly lower than a classical driver tee peg. The head is in quite as deep or quite as cumbersome as a normal driver. So we tee the ball, so half the ball sits above the top of the club face. You’ll also notice when you look down at the club face, that it's got the classic Thomas Golf paint into the alignment line on top, so it sits really nicely behind the golf ball.

I point my alignment line really simply exactly where I want the ball to go, bring the ball position just so it’s an inch from my in step there, normal set up position and just make my normal swing. I think the key to this is not to try and manufacture a particularly different or awkward swing, but just go ahead and make the normal long smooth swing that you would make with your long irons or make with your hybrid golf clubs. And just trust that the technology packed into the head is going to work well for you. The shaft shouldn’t feel too long, the club head shouldn’t look too different and you should be able to sweep the golf ball nicely up into the air.

It's a beautiful crack off the club face and that's gone a very nice high flight. One thing I really find enjoyable about using this golf club little bit of experimentation I did with it, is that I can actually hit this really quite nicely straight from the floor. It almost works well like a really strong three wood, so playing on a long path forum a long way back from the green or a long five; I want to hit a good second shot up there. It actually does work very nicely off the floor, much better than a normal driver would be from the floor. And this mainly because the weight of the golf club is all positioned low and deep. So all the way down the here; low and deep, that helps getting underneath the ball and pop it up into the air.

You might feel that it’s a golf shot that’s suitable more for the better players but if you’re confident that you can hit something nice and long off the floor, you play the hybrid without a tee peg, you play it a couple of inches back from your left in-step, this time play it more like a long iron and just sweep it nicely straight from the deck. And it comes out with a really nice low penetrating trajectory. If I'm really honest with you I did catch that a little bit too low off the bottom of golf club but it still picks the ball up really nicely and flies beautifully. One of the things you’ll notice about this golf club is just the forgiveness it gives you. Hit it pretty much anywhere on the golf club face and it will come back to the centre and fly very nicely.

So the one I had here was the 705 which is the pear-shaped, mostly the traditionally designed head. The one I've got here is the 725 which is a slightly squarer club phase, sorry slightly squarer club head. So when we look at this, it's got a square top in it and the squarer back. The performance difference is not really that much, actually they both fly the same, you can both play them in the same fashion as I previously described. I think the biggest difference here is the is just the personal preference over the appearance.

That when you look down on the golf club head, some people prefer the square as to the more boxy look. It might help them align better, other people if you’re happy with a more traditionally shaped, back to the -- to the normal hybrid clubs, then a 705 is probably for yourself. But what I would suggest you do is, is have a consideration about how happy you are with your hybrids or how dissatisfied you might be feeling uncomfortable with the driver and consider one of these hybrid drivers.