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When getting down into details or snapping the left knee we need to get to drills that will give the feeling to you the quickest. And this drill is a fantastic one to use. It can cause a little bit of noise, a driving range if you're using it and it could cause a few stats as well. However, it will get the point across of what you want to be feeling. It's very, very simple in respects of how you set it up.

It's getting yourself setup to the ball and then just positioning the back, so it's above a little bit above an L shape if you make with your fingers just away from your left hip. You don’t want to get it too far away from your left hip because that could cause some other issues within the swing, but I have to get any setup into this position. What you want to be doing is turn any group to the top really moving the way through on to your left side until your hip contacts the side of the back. Now the problem with snapping the left knee what a lot of people find is it is the left knee straightened, it can cause the weight to shift back on to the right foot and then just cause a little bit of a spin out of the shot.

Now we don’t want that to happen. We want the weight to still be transferring through the ball until the point of impact. So, by using a drill like this is very, very simple. You get to the top, you move through, you bump your hips into the back then try and straighten the left leg and the whole point of this just actually go through impact that you actually knock the back over when you’re going at full pace.

So, to get this set up first of all take in your dress position, that’s whatever clothing you’re going to be using, moving that back, so it's just the L shape of the fingers outside the left hip. Now it's a little bit far away then probably a need to go, but like challenge this time in the morning. So, we’re moving through boom the hips then snapping that leg. Wow, definitely well that’s too far away, but I've got all the way over. I must move my way around and then also attracting my – this is the type of position that you want to be seeing.

So that weight all shifted on to the left side and that hip fully rotates around and if you notice how that left leg is set it's nice and straight. So, that’s got me moving my hips over, it's got me extending my left leg; but it's now got me set on my back foot, which can be the problem when snapping the left knee.