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Should I try to correct my golf swing during a round. Now if you're going to a course and you're not quite sure where your golf swing is and you're struggling with bad shots out on the course, the fact of the matter is it might be a little bit too late to try and alter your technique. If you want to change your technique and you want to get better, you need to take some time to go to the practice range, to the driving range, and work on your technique there before you take it onto the course.

What can often happen if you're hitting bad shots on the course all of a sudden you start thinking about different swing thoughts. So let's say you were hitting a slice and you thought to yourself, well I'm hitting it left to right with the slice, I'm going to strengthen my grip to get the ball going straighter. And maybe a couple of shots you will actually be able to hit straight. But after those have stopped and you are starting to slice it, you're gripping it stronger, but then you think well what if I try and my hands over a little bit more.

So all of a sudden you've got a strong grip, and you're turning your hands over a little bit more. Again that might work for the kind of short period of time that it's still effective. Then after that you hit a slice again. Well what if try and turn my body through a little bit more. And before you know it you've got a stronger grip, you're releasing the club more, you're turning the body more, and you can compound and you can layer up all these issue. And by the time you get to the 18th hole, you could have a dozen swing thoughts actually going through your head.

If you get to the course, and you're playing with a particular shot such as a pull, you play with that shot on that day. Try and get the most out of your game that you can. Sam Snead was the best at that. He simply always played with a bit of a draw and a bit of a pull. And if he goes to the course and he was hitting a 20 yard pull, all he used to say is, “Well today I'm going to play with a 20 yard pull.” What you need to do is put in the practice beforehand before the course. If you made the changes on the range you can transfer them to the course. Try not to change the swing while you're out playing. Often it just doesn’t lead to more consistency and it can actually cause you to get worse.

So when you're on the course focus on the target, focus on what shot you want to try and hit, and try and play with your bad shots. And focus on the changes once you get back to the driving range.