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To have a fully rounded flexibility program, you need to start to engage muscles and stretch muscles in areas of the body that you otherwise wouldn’t. Now, a great way to actually stretch the side of the body from the side of the abs down to the side of the thigh is you have to use a side band stretch. Now, these are very, very simple to do and can be worked in pre-round or into an exercise routine. All we need to be doing is crossing over with the legs. So, I'm starting here with my right leg, tucking in behind my left, I'm going to keep my back nice and straight, I'm going to push my hands clasped over the top of my head and then lean into the side.

Holding the stretch, trying to breathe as normal and you can really feel the stretch all the way down the side, all the way into the side of the leg as well. Crossing over, doing out the same. Left leg behind the right, up and then leaning over to the side. If you can work this into your actually flexibility program, your golf training program, you are going be engaging and stretching muscles that you might otherwise not.