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Video Transcript

Getting your body fully flexible before you go out and play is incredibly important. But this involves every single parts of the body. When you see people warming up before a round, they can do their legs, they can do their body, their chest, their arms; but one part of the body which is actually often overlooked, are the forearms. Now the forearms are pretty much anywhere between the elbow joint and the actual wrist joint there are lots of muscles within this area which are absolutely key to powering that ball a long, long way and actually digging you out of some difficult situations. If you look at some of the biggest drivers out there, their forearms are very, very large but also very, very flexible. Now there are a few simple like drills and a few simple stretches you can use before you go out and play to get these key muscles nice and flexible. Now a few of them; just allowing your arm to stretch out because you don’t want them nice and bent; you want it stretched out in front of you so you're straightening the arm and you're really straightening out these muscles.

Now the first one to use is actually grab hold of the fingers; and my right hand is out here and front palm facing forwards fingers up at the sky, actually grabbing my fingers with my other hand and really stretching them backwards. Now what this does is stretches all the forearm muscles here on the underside of my arm as my arm is actually pointing in this direction. Now we can switch this around. Same muscles but a slightly different variation; so fingers pointing down, palms still facing outwards again stretching out these muscles. But then another one we can use is flip that around and actually start to stretch the top of the arm out as well; the top of the arm and the top of the wrist. So you can perform these, you can do multiple of these on each arms but actually getting the forearms muscles nice and flexible for when you go out and play is incredibly important for allowing you to develop speed but also allowing them to be ready for when you need to get the ball out of difficult lies.