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Video Transcript

Having a lot of hip power when actually hitting golf shots is a great way to improve strength and overall stability through impact. The hips are a main driver and a main rotator of the body as you actually move through impact. So strengthen these areas, strengthen the side of the hips, strengthen the core is really going to help generate so much more power. Now there are lots of exercises, lots of drills you can do using an exercise ball. So you don’t have to lift heavy weights, you don’t have to really smash the gym to work the muscles that count. Now this is a seated sideways using the exercise ball to really engage the sides of the hips.

Muscles that often do get neglected in favor of working on other bigger muscle groups but working on the side of the hips will allow the stability and will allow you to drive through a lot more powerfully. Now with the side leg raised it just involves having the exercise ball between the lower leg and the top leg so it doesn’t really matter which way you do it as long as you do it in kind of well, of opposites of each other so doing the right side and then the left side. Its seated, so you are just on the side of your left hip here, supported by the arms and then you want to be lifting the left leg and the right leg pinching this in the middle as one unit.

So lifting it up to the side, holding it and then dropping it back down. Now you can really start to feel it in the side of your hip. Just along this part of the body here and if you can really engage that part of the body, it’s going to be a lot stronger through impact as a result. So like I said you can do this once or twice on one side, switch over and do it on the other side as long as you’re engaging the side of the body and the side of those hips they are certainly going to be a lot stronger as a result. So using an exercise ball to engage the side of the hips and to use much more power, you are going to have to generate much more stable hip position through the point of impact.