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When stretching to improve your golf technique the lower half is a key area to start with. Now the calves, the hamstring, the thighs are all incredibly important to increase strength, to increase flexibility and to improve your golf swing. Now the groins and the actual hip extension joints they also need to be stretched out fully to enable you to actually rotate and turn the lower half through. Now a very simple way to incorporate this into your golf routine, a nice way to actually stretch out the groin area is just to take a golf club, hold it out in front of you, both hands on top, spreading the feet so they’re very, very wide a long way outside the shoulders; and then switching legs, bend the left leg to start with, straightening up the right, so the left leg here is a lot more bent than the right leg and then leaning into the left side using the club for balance, really keeping that right foot nice and planted and you’ll start to feel the stretch along the inner side of the right leg and the groin; extending outwards and then reverse. So the right knee bends, the left foot stays nice and flat and you’re stretching down onto your right side. Now try and breathe as normal when you’re doing this, try and include this into other lower half stretches as well so your lower half can be nice and flexible and ready to perform when you need it.