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There are some stretches that can work multiple parts of the body at one time which is fantastic because golfers and the golf swing really do use pretty much every major muscle group in the body when hitting shots. Now a great stretch to use to actually stretch out multiple parts of the body is a side bend with a sun salutation. A little bit of yoga kind of mixed in there. Now what you need to be doing is taking a position where the feet are nice and wide because we’re going to be bending down and into the left side. So nice and wide, left toes splayed out sideways, you don’t want it really kind of collapsed in was like this so you want it splayed out as much as much as you do, in the golf swing. So moving down into the left side really stretching out the inside of the left thigh, really stretching out the inside of the groin on the right as well, so moving down into this position getting the left hand and the left arm pressing down into the left thigh and from there, remove the right hand up and stretch up towards the sky and this really starts to stretch out the upper body of the chest and the back of the arm at the same time and then relax down, switch over, so right foot splayed now moving into the right leg, resting down onto there with the right arm and then up towards the sky with the left arm here. And you can really feel ultimate stretches along so many different parts of the body here, so it’s a fantastic way to make multiple stretches using one movement. So try and include that into a routine or fitness workout and that will allow you to stretch everything pretty much all at once.