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Video Transcript

Now if you are looking to really stretch out the hip area, the groin area there is a couple of exercises you can use but there’s also one that will really identify these areas and really get down to the business of stretching them out very, very quickly. Now there are a couple different movements involved but if you can get it right the extra stability that you’re going to find and the extra flexibility you’re going to find as you hit the shot will definitely be worth it. Now what we want to be doing is moving down into a side spilt position, so the right leg here kind of down on the ground moving into the left side. Now what we’re going to actually do, we’re going to let that right knee come in, rest down onto the ground and really press down onto the left side. Now it’s almost as if we’re going to start kind of 100 meter race here so we’re down we’re looking forward. Now what we’re going to do is keep the front section of our body here nice and still but then begin to raise the back leg up straight.

Now what that does it really engages the hip muscles in the front of the hips with the right leg really stretches them out and really causes them to be feeling like they’re being worked so there and then up and if you wanted to add in an extra little bit to this if you allow the foot to then fall and rotate onto this side we’re then working it in the path of the hip as well. So just to go through that again, left knee obviously can switch this round and use the opposite side of the body if you want, the left knee down, moving down and into this 100 meters start position, up with the right leg onto the toe and then down onto the inside. So it’s really working all around the hip and the groin area. Now that’s a fantastic little stretch to use, it’s got little multiple working parts but if you can do them as part of a sequence it will certainly be beneficial. And if you can work them into an overall golf fitness routine using other videos off this website it’ll be even more beneficial to your overall game.