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When hitting golf shots so much of the power is drawn from the ground upwards. Now, to draw power from the ground upwards you need strength in the lower half but you also need flexibility. Now, there are many stretches you can use to actually engage the lower half to getting more flexible and to allow you to transfer power a lot more easily into the ball. Now, using this knee to chest stretch is a great way to engage a lot of the upper leg, lift up both the upper legs when you actually switch around and really get them flexible, really get them powerful. Now, all you need to be doing is standing up nice and tall, try to maintain your balance on one foot because we're going to be lifting one leg off the ground so try and find your center, to try and find your balance over one leg.

Lift up one of the knees, so I start with my right knee here trying to stay nice and straight, trying to stay nice and balanced. Putting both my hands on the front of the knee and then pulling them upwards towards the chest. Now, holding this for just a few seconds and you will really feel it along the back of your leg, along your hip, along your groin muscles and then relaxing down. Now, you can do that with both legs and it's really going to engage many of the muscles that you're using within the golf swing. Try and work that into your routine and you'll have a lot more balance within your flexibility as well.