golf terms

Learning to play golf is one of the great challenges in all of sports. Learning the game’s golf terms and lingo may be just as difficult.

Golf Terms: Birdie. Bogey. Mulligan.

Golf Terms: Slice. Hook. Shank.

Golf Terms: Driver. Wedge. Hybrid.

What’s a newbie to make of all these baffling golf terms? Heck, even veteran golfers are sometimes stumped by the language that pops up on the course.

There’s one set of words and phrases covering the swing (address, backswing, follow-through), another describing results (fade, draw, fat), still another devoted to different types of shots (chip, pitch, bump-and-run). Then there’s the golf course (fairway, green, bunker) and equipment (putter, perimeter weighting, center of gravity).

You’ve got to know golf’s basic rules (out of bounds, penalty stroke, ground under repair) and its byzantine etiquette practices (honors, away, marking your ball). And you can’t walk a yard on a golf course without hearing a few slang terms (19th hole, chicken wing, sandy) or statistical talk (green in regulation, up-and-down).

That, friends, is merely the tip of a massive linguistic iceberg.

When learning any new language, total immersion in the culture is the best way to go. By playing and practicing often, hanging around the clubhouse, talking to other golfers and watching golf on TV, you’ll pick up the lingo lickety-split. If your golf time is limited, however, you’ll find the Golf Terms Glossary a terrific resource for boning up.

Before long, you’ll be slinging golf slang like an old pro.

“Man, I am loving my new progressive offset irons.”

“Maybe I should try a left-hand-low putting grip.”

“Did you see Bob cut the corner on that dogleg?”

On those occasions when you hear a new golf term, dial up this page and scroll down. You’ll probably find it here. We’re constantly expanding our own vocabulary, adding words and phrases to help all golfers – from novices to old hands – better understand this perplexing game.

Please find below a glossary of golf terms. A dictionary with definitions, and golf terminology of the most popular golf jargon terms used by other golfers, golf web sites, and golf videos.

1.19th Hole Golf Term
2.Address, Golf Term
3.Aim, Golf Term
4.Alignment for Golf Clubs
5.Alignment- Golf Term
6.Angle of Approach, Golf Term
7.Approach Golf Shot:
8.Arc (aka Swing Arc) Golf Term
9.Attack/Gap Wedge Golf Iron:
10.Away – Golf Term
11.Back-Weighting Golf Irons, Woods and Putters: Golf Term
12.Backspin on a Golf Ball
13.Backswing – Golf Term
14.Balance Point on a Golf Shaft
15.Ball Mark Golf Term
16.Ball Mark Tool Golf Term
17.Ball Marker Golf Term
18.Ball Position, Golf Term
19.Ball Speed, Golf Term
20.Baseball Grip (aka 10-Finger Grip): Golf Term
21.Belly or Mid-Length Putters:
22.Bend Point on a Golf Shaft
23.Best Ball Golf Term
24.Between Clubs Golf Term:
25.Bias on a Golf Club
26.Birdie Golf Term
27.Blade Golf Irons:
28.Blast (aka Explosion Shot), Golf Term
29.Block (aka Blocked Golf Shot, Flare, Push Slice) Golf Term
30.Blocked Shot Golf Term
31.Bogey golf Golf Term
32.Bogey, Double Bogey etc. Golf Term
33.Bounce on a Golf Club:
34.Bowed Wrist Golf Term
35.Break of a Putt or Green, Golf Term
36.Broomstick Putters:
37.Bulge and Roll on Golf Clubs:
38.Bump-and-Run, Golf Term
39.Bunker (aka Sand Trap), Golf Term
40.Caddy Golf Term
41.Camber on a Golf Club:
42.Carry Golf Term
43.Casting the Club: Golf Term
44.Casual Water, Golf Term
45.Cavity-Back Golf Irons:
46.Center of Gravity on a Golf Club:
47.Center-Line Bunker: Golf Term
48.Center-Shafted Putter:
49.Chicken Wing, Golf Term
50.Chili Dip, Golf Term
51.Chip (Shot) Golf Term
52.Chippers or Chipping Golf Clubs: Golf Term
53.Choke Up on the Golf Club (aka Grip Down)
54.Clear(ing) the Hips – Golf Term
55.Closed clubface, Golf Term
56.Closed Stance, Golf Term
57.Club Length: Golf Term
58.Clubface on a Golf Club:
59.Clubhead Swing Speed: Golf Term
60.Clubhead: Golf Term
61.CNC Milled Putters:
62.Coefficient of Restitution (COR) for Golf Balls
63.Coefficient of Restitution (COR) for Golf Clubs:
64.Coil Golf Term
65.Come (Up) Out of a Golf Shot
66.Comeback Putt
67.Compression of a Golf Ball:
68.Conforming Golf Ball or Club
69.Core of a Golf Ball
70.Core Size of a Golf Club Grip
71.Course Management Golf Term
72.Course Rating Golf Term
73.Cover Hardness of a Golf Ball
74.Cover of a Golf Ball
75.Cross-Handed Putting Grip (aka Left-Hand-Low)
76.Crown on a Golf Club:
77.Cubic Centimeters (cc) for Golf Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids:
78.Cup: Golf Term
79.Curved Shaft, Golf Term
80.Cut Shot (aka Fade) Golf Term
81.Decelerate, Golf Term
82.Deep-Face Drivers: Golf Term
83.Die-Casting a Golf Club
84.Dimples on a Golf Ball:
85.Divot, Golf Term
86.Dogleg Golf Hole
87.Dormie Golf Term
88.Double Break Golf Term
89.Double Eagle (aka Albatross) Golf Term
90.Double-Cross Golf Swing
91.Down Hill Lie Golf Term
92.Downswing: Golf Term
93.Drag, Golf Term
94.Draw, Golf Term
95.Drivers: The Golf Driver — or No. 1 Wood
96.Driving Golf Iron:
97.Drop Golf Term
98.Duck Hook (aka Snap Hook) Golf Term
99.Duff Golf Term
100.Eagle Golf Term
101.Elevated Green (aka Push-up or Pedestal Green) Golf Term
102.Etiquette Golf Term
103.Even Par Golf Term
104.Explosion Shot (aka Blast), Golf Term
105.Face Angle on a Golf Club:
106.Face Insert on a Golf Club
107.Face Progression on a Golf Club
108.Face-Balanced Putter
109.Fade – Golf Term
110.Fairway Bunker Golf Term
111.Fairway Woods: Golf Term
112.Fairway, Golf Term
113.Fairways Hit, Golf Term
114.Falling Off the Ball: Golf Term
115.Fat Shot: Golf Term
116.Feel Golf Term
117.Ferrules on Golf Clubs:
118.Finish, Golf Term
119.Flag or Flagstick (aka Pin), Golf Term
120.Flat Lie Golf Clubs:
121.Flat Swing (Plane) Golf Term
122.Flex of a Golf Shaft:
123.Flier Lie, Golf Term
124.Flop Shot, Golf Term
125.Follow-Through, Golf Term
126.Fore Golf Term
127.Forgiving Golf Clubs:
128.Four-Ball Golf Term
129.Frequency Matching Golf Shafts:
130.Fringe (aka Collar) Golf Term:
131.Gallery Golf Term
132.Game Improvement Irons Golf Term
133.Gap Wedge (Attack Wedge, A-Wedge, Approach Wedge) Golf Term
134.Gear Effect in Golf Clubs:
135.Gimme (aka Tap-In) Golf Term
136.Golf Bag Golf Term
137.Golf Club fitting:
138.Golf Term: Dipping the Shoulder
139.Golf Term: Laying Off the Club
140.Gooseneck (aka Plumber’s Neck) Golf Term
141.Grain on a Green, Golf Term
142.Grand Slam (aka “holy grail”) Golf Term
143.Green in Regulation (GIR) Golf Term
144.Green Speed: Golf Term
145.Green, Golf Term
146.Grip Golf Term
147.Grooves on a Golf Club:
148.Gross Score Golf Term
149.Ground Under Repair Golf Term
150.Grounding the Club – Golf Term
151.Handicap, Golf Term
152.Handsy Golf Swing, Golf Term
153.Hardpan (Lie) Golf Term
154.Hazard, Golf Term
155.Heel-Shafted Putters:
156.Heel-Toe Weighting a Golf Club:
157.Hip Turn, Golf Term
158.Hit the Golf Club Flush on the Center of Gravity:
159.Hole Golf Term
160.Hole In One Golf Term
161.Hole Out Golf Term
162.Honors Golf Term
163.Hood Golf Term
164.Hook, Golf Term
165.Hosel on a Golf Club:
166.Hybrid Golf Clubs:
167.Initial Velocity of a Golf Ball
168.Inside-to-out swing path, Golf Term
169.Interlocking Golf Grip: Golf Term
170.Ionomer Golf Ball Cover
171.Iron Golf Term
172.Jerking the Club Back: Golf Term
173.Jump Golf Term
174.Junior Golf Term
175.Kick Point on a Golf Shaft:
176.Knock-Down Golf Shots:
177.Lag Putt:
178.Lateral Water Hazard Golf Term
179.Lay-Up Golf Shots:
180.Layers of a Golf Ball
181.Leading Edge on a Golf Club:
182.Lie Angle on a Golf Club:
183.Line Golf Term
184.Lip (of a Bunker or Cup) Golf Term
185.Lip-Out Golf Term
186.Lob Wedge Golf Irons:
187.Loft on a Golf Club:
188.Long Putters:
189.Looking Up: Golf Term
190.Mantle of a Golf Ball (aka Casing of a Golf Ball)
191.Maraging Steel Used to Make Golf Clubs:
192.Match Play Golf Term
193.Middle Golf Irons:
194.Moment of Inertia (MOI) for a Golf Head:
195.MOT, Used as a Golf Term
196.Mud Ball Golf Term
197.Mulligan Golf Term
198.Multi-Layered Golf Ball (aka Three-Piece or Four-Piece Golf Ball)
199.Nassau Golf Term
200.No Card (NC) Golf Term
201.Offset Golf Clubheads:
202.Open clubface, Golf Term
203.Open Stance Golf Term
204.Out of bounds (O.B.) Golf Term
205.Outside-to-in swing path, Golf Term
206.Outward nine Golf Term
207.Overall Distance Standard for Golf Balls
208.Oversize Golf Clubs:
209.Pace Golf Term
210.Par Golf Term
211.Penalty Stroke Golf Term
212.Perimeter-Weighted Golf Heads:
213.Pin High: Golf Term
214.Pinching the Ball: Golf Term
215.Pitching Wedge Golf Club:
216.Play Through Golf Term
217.Plugged Lie Golf Term
218.Plunk Golf Term
219.Plus handicap Golf Term
220.Postage Stamp Green, Golf Term:
221.Practice green Golf Term
222.Pre-shot routine Golf Term
223.Premium Golf Ball
224.Pro shop Golf Term
225.Progressive Offset Golf Clubs:
226.Pull – Golf Term
227.Pull Slice Golf Term
228.Pulled Shot/Pulling the Golf Ball:
229.Punch shot Golf Term
230.Push – Golf Term
231.Push Slice (aka Golf Flare, Block) Golf Term
232.Pushed Shot/Pushing the Ball: Golf Term
233.Putter Insert Golf Term:
234.Ready Golf Term
235.Recycled Golf Balls (aka used Golf Balls)
236.Release Golf Term
237.Rough Golf Term
238.Run Golf Term
239.Sand Shot Golf Clubs:
240.Sandbagger Golf Term
241.Sandy, Golf Term
242.Scooping the Ball: Golf Term
243.Scratch Golfer Golf Term
244.Shoulder Turn Golf Term
245.Size of a Golf Ball (aka Diameter of a Golf Ball)
246.Slice Golf Shot Term
247.Slope Rating Golf Term
248.Smash Factor Golf Term
249.Spring-Like Effect on Golf Clubs:
250.Square clubface, Golf Term
251.Square Face Golf Clubs:
252.Square or straight clubhead path, Golf Term
253.Stainless Steel Golf Clubs:
254.Staying Behind the Golf Ball: Golf Term
255.Stimpmeter Golf Term:
256.Surlyn Golf Ball Cover
257.Sweet Spot Golf Term
258.Swing Path Golf Term
259.Swing Plane Golf Term
260.Swingweight of a Golf Club:
261.Target line, Golf Term
262.Tempo Golf Term
263.Thin Shot: Golf Term
264.Through the Green Golf Term
265.Tipping a Golf Shaft:
266.Titanium Golf Drivers:
267.Toe-weighted Putter
268.Torque Specification of a Golf Shaft:
269.Tour Golf Ball (aka Advanced or Performance Golf Ball)
270.Trapping the Ball: Golf Term
271.Trigger Finger Golf Term
272.Two-Piece Golf Ball
273.Unplayable Lie Golf Term
274.Up-and-Down Golf Term
275.Upright Lie Golf Clubs:
276.Upright Golf Swing Term
277.Urethane Golf Ball Cover
278.Utility Golf Clubs:
279.Value Golf Ball (aka Recreational or Distance Golf Ball)
280.Vardon Golf Grip (aka Overlapping Grip): Golf Term
281.Water Hazard Golf Term
282.Weight of a Golf Ball
283.Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing Term
284.Working the Golf Ball:
285.X-Factor Golf Term