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Video Transcript

Chest flexibility is one of the most overlooked areas when thinking about working on golf fitness, many people just assume that the chest is a passive by stander when hitting shots but it does help deliver power, it also adds stability and it also adds a lot of coordination when used conjunction and in harmony with other muscle groups. So stretching them out, stretching the pectorals out, making them a lot more flexible is very important. Now using a staff or using a bar, using a broom handle, using even a drier if you gets flexible enough you can use these to really start to stretch out your chest muscles. Very simple to do very, very effective, taking hold of one hold of the staff or one hold of the club whatever it might be with the right hand left hand the other side, standing nice and tall and upright and then pushing that staff over the head and down towards the back.

Now the narrower you come in along this staff the harder the stretch then becomes. So if you’re a beginner to this you’re probably going to have to hold it all the way down there and if you’re super flexible you can come all the way in which I am not going to be able to do. So right at the end and as you slowly move inwards it becomes harder and harder and harder. The most flexible people in the world pretty much double jointed would probably be able to do it from this position. For the most of us that’s not going to be possible. So just hold it at a point where it feels comfortable, stretch it over, keep it slow and down, back over really work those chest muscles stretch them out and they will add a lot of power, a lot of stability when you’re hitting the shot.