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Video Transcript

To generate more distance on your drives, you really want to work on having a good chest turn during your back swing and then also when you down swing in your follow through. To create the chest turn as you swing the club back, really work on turning the chest to the right, if you’re a right handed golfer to create a very wide ark on your back swing. And similarly, as you come back down, we want to turn the hips in first but then turn your chest back into impact position and then turn the chest through to the target as you swing through. That’s going to create a much bigger swing and create a lot more power.

A good drill to practice doing that would be, place the club across your shoulders, hold the club in position and go into golf position. And now work on turning the chest, so you turn the chest to the right if you’re a right handed golfer and you want to see that you’ve got a 90° turn to the right. So now the club is pointing towards the ball. So if we look at that again the club starts in this position, we turn the chest so the club points to the ball and then as you come back through, we can turn in the club head back at the ball now, so you’ve released well and turn the chest to the target. If you work on getting a really good chest turn into the swing, you’re going to produce a much wider up and hit much longer shots.