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One crucial part of your set up to the golf ball is making sure that you are in an athletic posture. And particularly focusing on the leg position, the right amount of knee flex will help you set in to the athletic posture position. One thing that’s worth noting as well is how that posture and that knee flex can differ when you have different golf clubs and you’re trying to play different shots. So if I go ahead and address the golf ball, I’ve just got a wedge here so, go ahead and make my setup. Now I would suggest here, I’ve got quite a nice posture, but if I lock my legs straight out, I feel like my body weight goes really far back onto my heels and my posture changes quite a lot. Likewise if I bend my knees too much, I generally took in my hips and my bum comes in and I ruin my posture in this position. So we want to make sure we’ve got good athletic knee flex. The correct way for me to get this right I feel is to lock my legs out completely and I feel my body weight out to my heels. And then I just make a nice knee flex, and I feel the weight shift from the back of my feet to the middle of my feet.

And as soon as I’ve got that little flex, I feel that’s enough, my general purpose golf shots, so it’s just a lock, then a small flex and that would be enough. I wouldn’t necessarily want to feel like I’ve bent my knees too much, locked, flexed and that should be enough. Then we notice how with certain different shots we might change the knee flex slight. So for example if I was pitching or chipping the golf ball, my set up to the ball and actually have a little bit more knee flex, I’m almost sitting down a little bit more on this. I want to get a bit nearer to the golf ball get a bit more control and my legs aren’t going to be quite so active in that stroke. For a lot of people when they’re putting they change their knee flex again, they lock their legs out a little bit straight so when they’re putting they have less knee flex because again the legs aren’t being very active here, we want to provide a much more solid and stable base. So just consider how much knee flex you should have and how it should differ when you’re hitting different golf shots with different clubs.