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How should my chest rotate throughout my golf swing? Now there are many different moving parts of the body that actually kind of swing around, they move on different planes and different paths, when you are actually swinging the club. But focusing in on the centre of your chest is a great way to move the bigger muscles more consistently and actually get some better shots away. Now focusing in on the sternum or the centre of the chest throughout the golf swing is a fantastic way to achieve this. On the backswing the chest should begin to rotate as the shoulders actually turn away from the target. So if you imagine a point in the centre of your chest as the club is taken away and the shoulders begin to rotate. As you reach the top of your backswing the chest should be facing pretty much straight away from your target. Then as the club is swung down the chest should be pointing again pretty much straight forward. And then after impact the chest should be facing pretty much down towards the target.

And you can use your chest as a great driver of your swing it takes your thoughts away from many of the technical aspects that you may have got bogged down. And just focus it on that one area can bring a lot of different moving parts together quite easily. So we are over that ball, chest pointing forward and then I do a very slow motion swing, get the chest pointing away, back straight impact and then to the target when I have actually hit the ball. And it is just a great way like I said to power the core of the body and to take your mind away from lots of the moving parts in the swing. A lot of – actual mistake a lot people make when they are thinking about the chest is, it should stay quite static in the golf swing just to kind of improve a little bit of consistency. However if you keep your chest quite static and pointing forward you run the risk of your swing becoming very handsy and very armsy.

So keeping the chest pointing forward but just moving the arms and the shoulders it will become a very kind of narrow very constricted swing. Have the confidence to actually move it a little bit more freely and you should get a lot more consistency and as a nice bonus a lot more distance on your shots. So and the golf swing drive it with the chest back, chest centre, chest forward nice and easy nice and simple, but hopefully some nice easy simple ball striking as well.