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Video Transcript

We would all like a few extra yards on the golf course, wouldn’t we, particularly when we’re hitting our tee shots. And we all like to have that beautiful balance follow through position, the classic shape where the body is facing down the target line and the right heel is up into the air. But actually, if you want to get extra yardage, maybe you need to sacrifice the perfect balance follow through to hit the ball further. If you’ll look a lot of the modern tour professionals, particularly the young lads are really hitting the ball a long way. They don’t really hold that balance follow through a lot well. They actually over-rotate their body so much so. The chest doesn’t’ point out the target but it points well left of the target. This left foot was nearly been wrenched off the floor and the club nearly hits him on the back of the head. They turn through the ball so quickly with their upper body, but they can’t stop in that classic position, so they get a little bit out of balance, almost this position where the body comes right away around here.

The club swings around the top of the head and it just really hurts to get into that position. But they don’t have to hold that position long so they can relax, and if it gives them extra yardage, then, great. If you’re flexible enough and you can turn through the ball fast enough and you need some extra yardage, maybe you can sacrifice that perfect balance follow through position. Turn your chest beyond the target for extra distance. Experiment with that in the driving range and if it works well and it gives you extra distance, take it to the golf course and see how that goes for you.