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Video Transcript

How much knee flex should I have when I set up to the golf ball? Well this really depends on your height and every individual is different with this, and what we want to do though, is create a soft knee position rather than a squatting knee position, however if you’re very tall you will look much more flexed in the knees and squatted than if you’re quite short. What’s important when you’re taking your posture up is that you create a really straight line down your back, so from the back of your head down your shoulders and all the way to the hips, so if I take my golf club this is a very good drill to help you with this, just hold the golf club so that either the back of your head and the bottom of your spine are on that club and then tilt forward, until your arms are dangling freely from your body.

Now what you want to do now, is just soften your knees to take the pressure off your hamstrings. So for someone who is quite short like myself, I’m not going to flex my knees as much as someone who is over six foot, as we do that drill if we keep the back straight, and tilt the arms, if we have the club horizontal, and out from our waist, as I tilt my back nice and straight so my arms are dangling, I need to be able to drop the golf club down to the ball, and to do that, if I need to bend my knees down then obviously if I’m very tall I’ll need to bend more, and if I’m not so tall I won’t have as much flex.

But you want to flex your knees, so it basically takes the pressure out of the hamstrings and just softens the knees into a more comfortable position, and that’s the position to be in and how much flex to have in your knees to hit much better golf shots.