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Video Transcript

Achieving a high level of golf fitness means the whole parts of the body need to be working in harmony with one another. So there is no point just building your massive lower half strength if the upper half is left behind, because you will have fantastic power in the lower half but the upper body won’t have the stability that it needs to control that club through impact. Now working on the chest muscles, working on the actual kind of strength in the upper body is very, very important because it adds stability but it also adds a balance if you are working on you back muscles and your arm muscles. You don’t want the chest muscles to be all collapsed; you don’t want your chest to be collapsed in as you want it nice and strong so it can work in harmony with other parts of the body.

Now using a medicine ball, you can use a rolling press up drill. It takes a little bit of coordination and it is quite hard going but if you can get it right and the power you will be able to generate and the stability that you will find will be much, much higher. Now it involves getting into a press up position by having one of the arms just resting on the top of the medicine ball. So whereas normally with a standard push up, both hands will be on the ground, this time you are going to have one of the arms on the medicine ball. So into a normal press up position from there, pressing downwards, up, rolling the ball across and then getting onto your left hand, down and up, rolling across, down, and up. So it involves a lot of strength within the chest area but if you can get it going you can actually get a quite coordinated rhythm and you can actually improve your coordination at the same time. So not an easy exercise to do but if you can get it right, if you can work the chest muscles like this then it is going to add so much more balance and so much more muscular balance and spread over the body and allow you to hit much better shots.