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In this tip, we’re going to look at how the correct knee flex can be responsible for a swaying action or an incorrect swing plane during the golf swing. So the first thing we got to consider is how the knees can affect a sway, as we’re in a good address position here we should have some knee flex as we turn the club back to the right, the body weight would move slightly to the right side, but it’s important that with this right side, the knees don’t give up and let the body weight just drive straight through.

So if this right knee wants to give up and move across, we generally find we’ve had too much of a lateral action, the body weight gets onto the little toe and it’s very difficult for me to move back forward again. And when I do move forward if my left knee gives up as well, I found myself on my left little toe, potentially even stepping through the shot. So what we’d like the knees to do is remain flexed but also remain quite braced and solid, that we can turn within the confines of the knees, rather than the knees swaying outside too much. So this would be a mistake here and here.

But nice, a nice turn and that’s I think how the legs and the knees particularly could be responsible for reducing the amount of swaying action. But the consideration now looking down the line, more of the swing plane is how the legs could be responsible for lowering the club to stay on a correct plane, and often what we’d find if the right knee straightens out too much into the backswing and the club would often come flat around the body. So the right hit moves back too much, the club goes flat around the body and then we have some sort of chopping action to compensate for that in to the downswing.

So if we can keep that right knee nice and flexed in the backswing, but often feel that the club stays more out in front rather than moving in behind. We see that directly relates to my leg and my hit position and my hand position, it’s a nice strong take back backswing rather than the knees causing problems to the swing plane or to the swaying action. So you really need to focus on how much your knees are flexed at the start of the swing, what they do during the swing to make a nice solid and most importantly a consistent golf swing.