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Video Transcript

Okay. So, the number one question on everybody’s lips is we want to hit the ball further, especially off the tee. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Or is it? Trying hit that drive further and further down that fairway to a better position leaving a shorter second shot into the gree. So, how will we achieve it? Well, to the average golfer he or she will get over the ball and most probably try to swing the club right around here and try and hit the ball, but then again, by going back so far we’ve over-swung and we’ve lost control. We’ve lost total control and what we want to do is we got to try and get the balance between having distance and accuracy cause that’s what tee shots are all about. There is no point hitting the ball 250 yards and be in the middle of all the trees.

We’d rather hit it 220 yards and hit it down the fairway and sacrifice that distance and if you don’t think that way, well, maybe the diver is not for you, but that’s the way you must think in your mind. So, a good way of achieving extra distance in your drive. If you get yourself over the ball, I want you to really focus on the chest, this big muscle in your chest and I want you to focus on turning the chest. If you basically go here and turn the chest, you’ll notice that my shoulders automatically turn and my hips do, so whereas some golfers might think turn my hips, turn my trunk and my shoulders, it’s too complicated, it sounds complicated, forget it. Just over the ball, let’s focus on this chest. I want you just to turn the chest.

We turn the chest, we get into a nice position, the shoulder is at this part here would go through 90 degrees, so from here, there we go, turn my chest, there is my shoulder through 90 degrees and from there I turn my chest back to the ball, there I am where I started and I turn my chest through the ball. So, let’s put that into practice. Let’s see what happens on the ball. So, I’m going to set myself up and I’m going to work on just turning my chest. So, from here I’m going to turn my chest. I turn my chest and maybe after seeing that golf shot, maybe that’s why I might just do it in future because that was so effortless. Turn the chest and the more rotation of the chest and a little bit more speed, chest and through, that should give a few more yards to your tee shot and it’s well worth it, no effort at all. Go and give it a go.