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If we are looking to improve the amount of well limit the amount of sway that we have on the backswing, what we need to do is identify parts of the technique that can help eliminate this problem. Now if you have a look at someone who sways in the backswing, generally their weight will transfer outside their right foot very, very quickly so their bodyweight shifts to a position around here then it continues upwards as they turn up to a full backswing position and all their bodyweight is shifted a long way onto the right hand side. Now you don’t want to eliminate weight transfer.

Weight transfer within the backswing is not a bad thing. However as that sway continues that weight transfer moves a long way outside the right foot, it then has to develop and come all the way back. Now I’m going to make that movement again. If you have a look what happens to my right foot and my right knee position, this is something you see with many, many golfers. The right foot moves onto the weight on the outside and that right knee starts to sway over so it’s just getting beyond the right foot. Now if you can focus on this right knee position, you can eliminate sway within that part of the technique.

It will really keep the lower half nice and stable and stop that weight distribution traveling so much out to the right hand side. Now very, very simply the drill that you can use and the technique that you can use is as you get set up feel like the right knee is held inwards. So normally where the right knee is nice and stable and the knees are nice and stable, that right knee is moving into this position here. Now as that right knee kicked into that position, as you turn away you will notice that if you hold it in that position it’s only so much that you can move off to the right hand side.

So the first stop, the first place to look to stop the backswing sway is by focusing on that right knee. So set up, get it kicked in, turn away, keep the weight on the middle of the right foot and that will help eliminate that big sway off to the right hand side.