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If you have to look and find the greatest golfer that ever lived purely on PGA Tour wins, you find yourself looking at Sam Snead not Tiger Woods or Nicklaus you know that not win for best player with the majors but actually Sam Snead most tour victories, one of the things that helped him was he was playing good golf for such a long period of time, his last tour victory came when he was 52 years old, it was also another record.

So we have to look at his golf swing and see what was allowing him to play such good golf for such a long period of time. One of the things that’s slamming Sam signature move was from the top of his swing, rather than the right knee moving towards the left and driving this way and the knees getting narrower, he actually set his left knee ahead of his right and widened his knee gap at the start of his downswing so what they called the Snead’s Squat, he kind of sat down into the golf ball this way with the knees moving apart and then jump to the golf ball as he came through, generating a massive amount of power through that movements.

If you look at the lot of the modern tour pros, you will actually see Woods and McIlroy have their little head dip that’s associated to that little sit down into the golf ball out with the knees so it’s still a movement that’s quite common but not necessarily the left knee actually moving forward, it’s not something I would encourage you to copy. The movement you can relate to though is maybe have the legs that are going to start your downswing. So your upper body is loading up to create pair in the backswing and the lower half is driving forward to release the power and get you in a good impact position into the downswing.

So if you feel like you take it to the top but then unwind your top half and then follow through after the event, thinking about the Sam Snead left knee driving you forward is possibly a good way of generating some nice lateral movements in your downswing, getting to your left side and release your power. So from the top of your backswing, drive the left knee forward into the downswing, getting well into your left hand side before your knee straightens out and ready for impact.

You don’t need to think too much consciously about dipping down if you shift into your left hand side, your knees will go into a good position anyway. So from the top of your swing, start your downswing with your legs like Sam Snead and hopefully that will improve your ball striking also.