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Much of the golfing technique is made up of explosive movements. Explosive movements as you come through the ball with the hips, explosive movements as the arms come down and extend through the impact area, there is lots of motion in there which require very fast, very powerful actions using multiple parts of the body. Now there are lots of different exercises you can use to actually kind of try and increase this explosive power to increase this explosive energy. Now one of these is a lying down medicine ball upward toss and this will really generate a lot of power from the upper body. It involves the medicine ball and an exercise ball in which you can lie down on. You can also use a variation of this where you are actually lying on another medicine ball with the middle of the back. But for this one, get down into a position where the hips are raised, so you are actually engaging the core at the same time, holding the medicine ball down on the chest and then moving it upwards tossing it a short distance before catching it again.

So down onto the chest, up, explode and then catch. Depending on how hard the medicine ball is, will depend on how high you can throw it but also don’t throw it too high because a lot of these coming down from a height can be quite difficult to catch and you don’t want it landing on your nose. So that will help increase the power and the possible energy that you can produce from the upper body by really exploding upwards with the hands and mimicking actions as you are actually coming down through the ball. So try and include this into your routine along with some of the other exercises on this website and try and increase your explosive power through the shot.