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Video Transcript

Now the golf swing is a very athletic motion, and it requires a lot of the body to be moving very quick, with forces, the need flexibility and need strength. Now one of the key areas which is going to be worked are the backside of the glute, and also around on the hip joint as well. Now there is a few stretches and a few exercises that you can use that really work these parts of the body to stretch them out and to also strengthen them at the same time. Now one area, one exercise you can do is a rapid knee hug. Now rapid knee hug all you need to be doing is getting in a position where you are on one leg. I’m beginning on my left leg here; I’m going to hover my right leg off the ground. I’m going to get myself into almost a little bit of a golf posture so my back’s nice and straight, I’m tilted forward from the hips and from here I’m going to raise my knee into my chest very quickly and then let it go down. So I’m to here raise, up, hold and then down. Same again raise, up, hold and then down. And then you can also switch this over to your left side, so onto the right knee that’s like bent into the golf posture, up, hold, down, onto that, up, hold, down as well. Now this will really start to work the inside of the leg, the back of the leg, it’s a fantastic exercise to use if you want to be going through that flexibility and added strength. So give it a go add it to your routine and hopefully you will see that extra power when you come to hit the ball.