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Building power and flexibility in the lower half of the body is very, very important but the upper half of the body can’t be ignored. Is as the way you’re holding the club and delivering so much of the power into impact with. Now a fantastic way to stretch out multiple parts of the upper body is to use an overhead sideling using a staff or a broom handle, something which is wide enough to separate the arms and separate the chest and stretch out the chest muscles. Now very simply this stretch, holding the staff kind of the either side quite a long way apart if you’ve not done this kind of drill before, really holding it a long way apart, moving the staff so much directly above the head, the arms are stretched out and from there you can move to the side, stretching out the side of the body, up to the top down the other side and then if you really want to stretch out the upper body some more you can then move it down behind your head.

So almost a bit of a four piece stretch when done to this extent so it’s at the top, side, top, side and then down behind before bringing it back up and down to its original position. So this will stretch out all the chest muscles, it will help stretch out the shoulder muscles it will also help stretch out down the side of the stomach as well. So give this one and go, work this into your overall routine and it will certainly help stretch muscles that often do get overlooked.