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When you're looking to increase the overall power within your golf swing the first place you need to start is from the ground upwards because that is where you're drawing all your energy upward from. Now you got your feet and your ankles but then the main driver of that force, the first big set of muscles that you're going to get to are your calf muscles. Now they generate a lot of the power when you're actually transferring your weight into the ball and then moving your hips open through the impact area. So exercise will really engage the calf muscles will really help you boost and actually get moving into the golf swing. Now a very simple one using resistance bands is raised calves, wear the resistance bands, it's very simple just hooking it round a table or a chair something which is relatively solid, the side of an exercise bench, extending the arms upwards so you can feel the resistance on the arms but then it's as simple as rocking up onto the toes keeping the back straight engaging the calf muscles onto the toes and then relaxing back down. Up onto the toes holding, relaxing back down now hold for that just a little bit longer we'll engage the calf muscles just a little bit more really get them strengthening up and then relaxing back down. Now depending on your current fitness levels it's always kind of wise to consult a medical health professional first, but start off light and then build up gradually. The more you can do this the more power you will be able to generate and the better you're beginning to the swing as far as stability is concerned but also the better your impact will be with the amount of more power you can generate.