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A key area of your body which you need to be flexible when swinging at the golf club is the lower back. The lower back has a major role in supporting many muscle groups and also adding in power to the actual impact. So having that strong, having that flexible is incredibly important. Now there is an exercise and a stretch that you can do which really identifies that part of the body really stretches it out and also makes it stronger as a result. Now what you’re going to need is a little bit of room to actually get down onto your front, now you can start off from a totally laid down position or you can start from a slightly raised position but what this exercise involves is pushing up with the chest whilst keeping the naval as close to the ground as you can and really stretching the lower back out. You can see the arch in my back, I can even stretch it further looking up towards the sky which really starts to stretch out that back a little bit more, then relax down, push up again with the chest up towards the sky and then relax back down. And you can do multiples of this stretch loads and loads and loads it will really start to loosen up that lower back and really identify those muscles in that area. So give that a go, build that into your exercise routine, really stretch out that lower back and hopefully it will feel looser when you get out onto the course as well.