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If you are looking to identify different areas of the body to work on, the glute area of the body the backside is a fantastic one to do because it really does deliver a lot of power and stability when you’re hitting the golf shot. Now it is a very simple way to really isolate the glute and it’s just a back leg raised, all it will involve you doing is getting down onto all fours, hands down pretty much over the shoulders before stretching one of the legs back out, stretching the right leg here back to begin with dropping the toe down onto the ground and then raising it up past its original level. Back to the beginning, toe onto the ground, back up, original, and then down onto the ground. Now you can switch this exercise around but it really just start to identify that right glute there and that particular exercise and it will be the left glute if I switched it around but these key areas, those muscles will really add so much power when you hit, so if you can do this exercise work it into your overall routine you will get more power.