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Video Transcript

If you’re looking for golf stretches and exercises which really engage the muscles that you’re going to be using when hitting a shot there’s nothing like replicating positions that you will be in throughout the swing. Now obviously when you’re swinging at full speed the actual technique is over very, very quickly but when you’re doing stretches you can really slow the swing down and get in the positions and hold them for a little bit longer and that’s going to stretch out the muscles that really matter. Now one way to do that is with a standing rotation drill. Now you can use this with say like a dumbbell bar over your back or a golf club for display purposes only, I have a very big golf club here that I’m going to use but it’s all the same kind of thing. Now what you want to be doing is getting this and stretching it over the back of the shoulders and then getting into a golf posture position. So how you would normally be standing, hips engaged backwards, back nice and straight into here, now from here all we want to be doing is replicating the full swing but doing it in slow motion.

So keeping the lower half steady, turning backwards and rotating into this position, just holding it for a moment, right knee kicked in, hips rotated slightly, shoulders turned 90 degrees towards the target, before shifting the weight left, beginning to rotate the hips through and then up to a full finished position. Now you can do lots and lots and lots of these exercises, the more and more that you do of these, the more flexible you’ll become in the key positions. As a word of warning don’t just do it as a right handed golfer so to speak, switch around and do it left handed as well because then you’ll be stretching out both sides of the body where you need them to and you won’t be building up one side more than the other causing imbalances and possible injuries so give that a go, work that into your routine and hopefully you’ll see a little bit more flexibility.