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Okay so we're going to talk about creating a good base. Something that you most probably don't even think about, it’s just something that you just walk up to the ball and plug your feet down. So you a golfer here tends to be too wide, if you’re too wide obviously that will make you tend to swing the club up and down, or you just want to tend to stand a little bit too close together in which case the opposite happens. When you get out, then you look in the mirror or someone is filming you or you look at your feet, you really want to have your feet approximately for good balance, the shoulder width. But to gain a little bit more stability, stability and control gives extra accuracy in those golf shot a bit more distance.

Ideally what we want to do is stand there and look at the width of your shoulders. Now ideally we want your feet just to be slightly wider, just slightly wider as you can see my feet is widening out of my shoulders and that gives you a better base. That's what we're talking about. Better base is you're now less likelihood if you're getting over that ball and actually moving out of position and much of your feet where they're much closer together than your shoulders that from here its much, much easier to move over so you're now out of position so a good base feet slightly wider than your shoulders, get yourself into the position there and from there we should have a much more stable golf swing where you can actually turn those shoulders. Look at this. I'm going nowhere. I've not gone over my side. Its all down to a slightly wider base so remember feet slightly widened your shoulders gives you a better base, more control, more stability and better golf results.