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Remember a few years ago when Tiger Woods had this aura of invincibility around him. Nobody else seemed to be able to beat him, particularly when he was in the lead going into a major championship. Then we look back to 2009 and Y.E. Yang took a 3-shot victory against Tiger Woods. And it was set up particularly by one shot still lingers in my memory - the final shot you hear into the 18th green. Yet a bit of a rough lie in the sandy, yet a tree in the way, a bunker in the way, and he's got a flag position at the back there. And I've been thinking, well, he laid and put the front here, or knock an iron down to the front edge. But Yang have been using these hybrid clubs and he'd been hitting them all around the golf course for the whole 72 holes. And he came to the last hole, and he took a shot on - majestic high shot with this 3-hybrid over the tree, landed about 12 feet from the flag, stopped really quickly for a shot of that distance, and I think if memory served me right, he knocked the putt in and beat tiger by 3 shots - phenomenal victory.

Now, the hybrid club was probably the secret to why he was able to play that shot. I don't think anybody else would have been able to take that shot on without a hybrid. Certainly, I would never have been able to play that shot with a 3 or a 4-iron that you would have required from the distance purely because the ball would not have come out of the sky at that angle, and landed and spun upon to the green. You would have had to have played a 3 or a 4-iron landing it around the front green and running it up to the back of the green, and that might not have given you so much control. You certainly could have gone over the tree.

So the 3-hybrid is a really versatile club for us. The low center of gravity, the sweeping angle of attack that he was allowed to make to the golf ball because of the rounded sole, and abled in to get loads of height on that shot, even after the semi-roughie played there, popped it up in the air and flew it a long way.

Now, if that's the sort of shot that you would struggle to play with your irons and you fancy to be able to play that shot, maybe a hybrid golf club can be something that you should need in your bag. So if you haven't already got hybrids in there and you're still struggling your way with your long irons, have a look at something like - they sell a good range of hybrid clubs in all different lofts, all different shaft flexes, and with a custom fit guide to make sure you get their hybrid club that would suit your game the best.