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Video Transcript

Because the golf swing involves every single part of the body you want to be focusing on areas with flexibility that you wouldn’t even normally consider. Now I am talking specifically here about the ankles and the ankle-joints. Now around those joints, those tendons, those muscles they will really get stiff and will really become inactive if you’re not stretching them out. Now with golf because you’re drawing so much power up from the ground you need your lower half to be active, you need it to be flexible, you need it to be strong. There’s a very simple way that you can exercise your ankles, all you’re going to need is a golf club or something similar to lean on. You start with your right leg, so I’m balancing on my left, putting in a little bit of pressure on the golf club to get a little bit more balance as well, is simply lifting my right leg up and just starting to rotate my ankle through its range of motion. And switching over to the left, same difference and really rotating my ankle through its full range of motion here. Now it’s very, very simple to do and it’s only going to take you a few minutes but if you can your ankles will be looser and that flexibility and that strength will spread up through the body, remember, the feet are where you draw your power from, don’t neglect it as part of your routine.