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Often I work with golfers and we've worked really hard in improving their swing, and all the angles and positions and the setup looking lovely and then the ball flies off and it just flies really weak and limp and out to the right hand side. And that’s often caused by an incorrect strike on the club face and particularly a strike that hits towards the toe end. It's a very weak flight it doesn't penetrate the air, drifts off shot right for the right handed golfer. So let's look at the reasons why somebody might be hitting the toe too much. First things first, you're simply standing too far back away from the golf ball.

So during the setup phase if you got yourself really reaching out and then you're struggling to keep that extension during the swing, you might bring the club in, catch the toe and this ball just moves to the right hand side, fades away, doesn't really go far enough. So the first check point, check the distance that you're standing from the golf ball. Good address position; lower the handle down just sitting above my left knee kept by an inch that means I'm the right distance away.

Stretching too far like that’s big problem. Check that with all of your clubs because clearly if the club gets longer and shorter you need to move nearer and further away. So the distance from the golf ball one of the primary reasons why you might be toping the ball, sorry toeing the golf ball. Now next issue with toeing the golf ball could be bending the arms too much and often leaning back away from the golf ball as well. So during your setup phase you’ll be balanced and your arms will be straight where they should be.

If during the actual swing your body weight rocks to the heels, you can see that is dramatically and instantly pulls the club onto the tip toe of the golf club. So I rock back onto my heels, the club slides across it hits the tip edge of the toe there and the ball shoots down the right hand side. That’s a big follow on we are toeing the ball. The other issue maybe not falling off balance, but lifting and pulling you with your arms. You get tight, you get tensed, you get a bit agitated, you start to pull your arms and as you hit the golf ball and it instinctively pulls the club in, slides the ball off the toe side and then you get out weak to the right flight.

So if we can keep good balance, good distance away from the golf ball and nicely extended through the impact phase, those three tips are sure to improve your toe strikes with your irons.