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Flexibility and strength within the core muscles especially abdominals, and the lower back and the hips, it’s going to be crucial for you if you are going to successfully hit the golf ball, along the way. Now there’s lots of different exercises you can use to really engage this muscles, to make them more flexible, there is a fantastic one you can use with an exercise ball, called the lying rotation. Now what you need to be doing is lying flat on the back, an exercise ball to rest the legs up and then trying to keep the back as flat to the ground as you can, move the legs over to the side so the right one first with out letting it fall off, and then back just try to keep the middle of the back flat, onto the ground, into there.

Now what this does, it causes the legs to start actually to grip on the medicine ball so they try to gain control, the stomach to it and the abs to actually start to contract as they try to hold on as well, and as you keep your lower half moving, and the upper half on the ground, you can certainly start to feel the stretch begin to appear. Now it’s not an easy one to actually gain control of to begin with, but with a little bit of practice, with a little bit of exercise, if you can build this into your routine the actual flexibility you will find around this kind of core area really begin to increase.