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Video Transcript

To have a full balanced workout and a full balanced body routine when exercising for golf you really need to stretch out everything, now one area that a lot of golfers don’t stretch out are the chest muscles. Now the reasons for this is the chest muscles aren’t an easy natural thing to stretch out like some of the other body positions are by using a long bar over a very large golf club like I have here you can actually stretch out the shoulders and stretch out the chest at the same time quite easily. All you need to be doing is standing feet shoulder width apart and the club set out at pretty much kind of a 45 degree angle out of the right hand side or if you’re using an exercise bar out at this angle as well. Gripping it so its pretty much shoulder height, keeping the body where it is but then just allowing yourself to turn backwards and around the body.

Now what this does it really stretches out the chest, it stretches out the shoulder and it stretches out a lot of the muscles that we’re going to be using within the technique, a little more time, stretching it around, using the bar to push backwards and stretching out all the muscles that we need to. Obviously this can be switched around to the other side, so set out about 45 degrees from the body, moving it around, keeping the rest of the body as still as possible, holding it there and then moving it back. It doesn’t have to be held for a long amount of time only 5-10 seconds or so but if you can do that it’s really going to stretch out these chest muscles which otherwise might not get a look in. So build that in to your routine and hopefully this a little bit more flexibility will become apparent when you’re hitting shots.