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Video Transcript

When you are looking to increase power and consistency within the golf swing you cannot have enough core strength and enough core stability and this exercise using the medicine ball will really engage the abdominal muscles and make them much, much stronger. Now this is called a V-up, using a medicine ball to really engage the core muscles. The core muscles when you are actually hitting shots will not only add power but they will add stability and help you hold your posture in check when you re hitting the shot. Now to use a V-up, you need to be lying flat on the ground and holding the medicine ball down behind the head, lay the legs straight to begin with, now the exercise of this drill is holding the medicine ball, lifting the legs up and then bringing the upper body at the same time to actually get the medicine ball touching the feet.

Now if you don’t want to do this with the medicine ball to begin with you can do exactly the same, with your arms wrapped behind you, legs up, upper body and legs come together into that V position and then back down, V position and then back down. Now with the medicine ball this is really going to start to work the abdominals much, much harder. So out and front, up we go, down we go, up and then down. Now this is obviously quite an advanced technique if you have not used it before. So give it a go without the medicine ball but then move on to the medicine ball as that will give you more engagement of the core and it will make you much stronger in the long run just as we have mentioned it will make the swing a lot stronger and a lot more stable also in the long run.